Free Downloads: Remixes by Ra Ra Riot and the Submarines

Ra Ra Riot. Courtesy of

Through a recent e-mail newsletter, Ra Ra Riot has made these two songs available for free download via Soundcloud. You can use the embedded player below to listen to and/or download the songs. If you like well-crafted indie rock-techno pop, I think you’ll like these tunes.

#1 is the Submarines remix of the Ra Ra Riot song “Oh, La” which, according to their newsletter of 30 January 2012, has never been released anywhere before. The original version of the song appeared on their excellent 2008 album The Rhumb Line. This remixed version has a particularly Phoenix-like quality to it, if perhaps a little bit more slick.

The Submarines - Honeysuckle Weeks ep cover. Courtesy of the

#2 is the Ra Ra Riot remix of the Submarines song “Submarine Symphonika” which was released on the Honeysuckle Remixes ep in 2010. The original version appeared on their 2008 album Honeysuckle Weeks.

Enjoy the free music! (I hope to create a page with links to free – and legal – downloads soon…)

(And it appears that the Soundcloud player does not load on the mobile version of the blog; you can go to this Soundcloud web page directly for the player…)


Ra Ra Riot

The Submarines


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