Happy 100th Birthday, Woody Guthrie!

Photo by Al Aumuller. March 8, 1943. Courtesy of Woody Guthrie Archives

Folks, turn on this stream of music by Woody and many others singing his songs and songs about him, and let it play all day long as we celebrate his creative spirit…

This Music Was Made For You and Me!

WOODY GUTHRIE CENTENNIAL STREAM from FolkAlley.com – WKSU Kent, Ohio – and also available through NPR Music. Support public radio!


Happy One Hunnerdth Birthday, Woody Guthrie! Ju-ly Fourteen, Nineteen Twelve you came into this world in a little town in the middle of the young state of Oklahoma and who woulda thunk what roads you would travel and what songs you would write and sing (3000 of ’em!) and what funny pictures you would draw and what joy and compassion you would bring to folks. You sure weren’t perfect – we know that – but we love ya’ just the same. Thanks, Woody – and thanks to your family and all the musicians and festival organizers and radio broadcasters and writers and film-makers and museum curators and all the listeners for keeping your spirit alive.

You can check out my previous posts and the accompanying links there to find out more about Woody Guthrie…


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