25 Days of Christmas Records – Day 15

The Mistletoe Disco Band – Christmas Disco [Mistletoe Records MLP-1232, 12″ LP, 1978.]

(Click on an image to enlarge it.)

(Click on an image to enlarge it.)

Ah, the extremes of Christmas music. Here we go from the sublime sounds of yesterday’s record to the quirkiness of today’s: Christmas Disco by The Mistletoe Disco Band. It’s everything you would expect, or fear, from an album with that name. It’s pure Christmas schlock, but I can’t avert my ears. I was never a fan of disco music at the time of its popularity in the mid to late 1970s, but I’ve come to appreciate some of the better disco songs and performers of the era as I’ve grown older. But even though I’m not a big fan of disco and don’t have much disco at all in my collection, there was no way I would pass up buying a disco album of Christmas music! The cover alone was enough to hook me, let alone the swinging sounds I knew had to be contained therein.

And it appears that the company that still releases the CD for this album has uploaded the whole thing to YouTube. Aren’t we lucky?! This might be a great way for some of you to kickstart your work week, or it might be a form of slow torture for others. It all depends on your perspective, eh? If you don’t mind a dose of schlock every now and then, give it a spin.

Listen to the full album Christmas Disco – The Mistletoe Disco Band

Christmas Disco backThere’s not much I can tell you about this album. It was performed by the anonymous Mistletoe Disco Band for Mistletoe Records, the Christmas music subsidiary of Springboard International Records, a budget label of the 1970s. What you see on the album is what you get. Hey, it does say it was also released on 8-track  and cassette! Oh, and The Mistletoe Disco band released More Christmas Disco in 1980. I’ll have to keep my eyes open for that one. Maybe. I’m not sure how much Christmas disco I need. But there are a few more of these kinds of albums out there. Check out this rundown of Christmas Disco at Yuleblog, the site of an avid Christmas music collector. I do own one of the albums mentioned there, Yuletide Disco, on cassette no less. That cover rivals this one.

And I can’t even begin to expound upon the unique qualities that each of these disco-infused renditions of Christmas classics brings to the world of holiday music. Each arrangement warps the original familiar tune in such a wonderfully kitschy way that it leaves me speechless.

One listen to this album is enough to fill me with Christmas disco cheer each year, but you can keep the music playing in your browser window while you go about your business today. Go ahead. It’ll keep you hustlin’ on your merry way.Christmas Disco LP




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